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Kim Schott, President Schott Cultural Consulting

Message from: Kim Schott
Founding President / CMO of Schott Cultural Consulting

We started in 2006, became a business in 2007, and here we are today voted one of Constant Contact's All Star Award Winners for mobile friendly and mobile responsive digital marketing solutions. I first created the Keys to Client Communication System™ to help my clients build stronger relationships in a global marketplace using technology. Having been trained in the Six Sigma Green Belt philosophy, I felt an instant connection with other Southeast Michigan business owners through sharing my respect for diversity and business processes.

In 2008, Schott Cultural Consulting expanded the Email Marketing Department to increase our multilingual marketing capabilities and integrate multicultural newsletter systems with websites using Constant Contact’s software tools. Our strategic partnership with Constant Contact was strengthened when we became one of the first Master Certified Solution Providers in Michigan.

We became a successful Constant Contact Master Certified Solution Provider not just because of our quality work that is delivered on time, but because of the positive client experience we provide each and every day. We show our successful clients how to make their customers happy. You can read more about our relationships with our loyal clients on my LinkedIn profile. 

In 2014, our Web Development Department was expanded in Shelby Township and Troy, Michigan to offer custom programmed mobile responsive website solutions in English, Spanish and Chinese, web hosting and multilingual Social Media integration.

In 2015, the Digital Marketing Department began a strategic partnership with Wordstream software to help clients write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly content, manage Google Adwords, create Facebook Ad campaigns, design Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies, setup Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns that focused on increased sales and lead generation.

In our 2017 customer survey, there was an overwhelming response to provide a Text Message Marketing solution to our English and Spanish speaking clients in the Finance, Healthcare and Insurance industries. After much research, we created a strategic partnership with Skipio to help our clients nurture their leads more effectively. 

Our team comes from around the globe, but our goal is simple: to provide you with the most successful mobile responsive website and digital marketing solutions that you need to attract more loyal clients, increase revenue and lower your advertising costs. As this new global economy emerges, we continue to help our clients reach specific markets with: 

#1: An Attitude of Success 

To be crystal clear about your mission. (Nehemiah 2:17-20) 

#2: Marketing that Resonates with Different Lifestyles 

To identify opportunities and avoid costly "great ideas". 
(Genesis 11:1-8)

#3: Motivational Communication Triggers 

To become your buyer's brand of choice. (John 14:12)

We have worked with small and mid-size businesses and non-profit organizations in Michigan and around the globe by creating long lasting relationships that honor diversity, brand awareness that engages conversation, and influences business owners. As our strategic partnerships continue to grow, we will provide you with even more easy to use digital marketing solutions. Our goal is to help our clients keep their customers happy, so that they can attract and engage a new generation of prospects.

To your continued success,

Kim Schott
Founding President / CMO
Schott Cultural Consulting


"Kim goes the extra mile and the results show that the effort matters. (Using the Keys to Client Communication System™ Email Marketing Program)...I was able to create an email that received the highest number of customer opens we have ever had for the department."
Kelly Bednar, Bowling Proprietors Association of America





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