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Your team includes not just Designers, and Search Engine Optimization experts but also a dedicated team of highly skilled IT professionals. The technology behind your website is just as important to us as the website itself. Your team ensures your website is available to your clients with a 99.9% up time rate.

We offer you Unlimited Site Traffic. Many providers will setup limitations on how many people can visit your site.We will never penalize you for becoming successful. If you run a marketing campaign, whether in Michigan or nationwide, that drives customers to your site you can count on that site being up and running without any slowdown or additional charge. You will never discover your success has caused your bill to skyrocket. We charge a flat monthly maintenance fee, and we want you to use as much of our bandwidth as you can in serving your customers.

Websites come in all sizes, and your team understands this. We offer 10 Gigabytes of Storage Space for you to use in building your website, and that is always expandable if you need more. With the average web site requiring only 20-30 megabytes of space we are offering you at no extra charge over 30 times the space you need. Whether you use it to host videos, backup your photos, or just continue growing the content of your site, we offer you the space you need.

Your Website will be hosted at our ultra-secure service facility. This facility is protected from fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, and other disasters. Whether natural or not we work to ensure nothing foreseeable happens that would prevent your customers from accessing your website.

Your website is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a multi tiered security system. First we offer on-premise security officers that enforce our Hand-Scanning biometric authorization system. In addition a separate alarm system including electronic motion sensors to detect and react to movement both in the and around the data center perimeter. This ensures only authorized professionals have access to the hardware of your site.Finally beyond just a mechanical alarm we have remotely-monitored video surveillance ensuring no one gains access to your important data. Your staff ensures that 24/7 we will have a rapid response to any incident at our data center.

We use tiered, high-performance Dell PowerEdge servers powered by Intel Xeon processing technology. Load balancing your website across clustered and fault tolerant Dell servers using Cisco networking devices to ensure not only maximum up time but to prevent any slowdown due to high traffic.

Beyond just the physical security we offer Dual-Layer Firewall Protection. This dual-layer Cisco ASA firewall system makes it virtually impossible for any hacker or unauthorized user to gain access to your data, or compromise the integrity of your website. Your team of IT Security Professionals take the protection of your data very seriously, and to date we have never had a breach of our data center.

Our reinforced server racks are designed to protect against seismic anomalies. Adjoining our server racks these scientifically exact bracings work to secure the caging environment to a below-floor channel. This hardware will ensure that any downtime due to geological activity is minimized.

In the event of a fire we use a preferred alternative to conventional fire suppression methods. These methods work in tangent with our intelligent early detection, as well as our backup fire suppression system to prevent any unnecessary equipment damage and downtime. Our climate controlled environment is kept stable with multiple HVAC units that supplement principal cooling systems to ensure a consistent temperature with maximum airflow.

Finally our system is designed to provide clean power with an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). Our state of the art system provides an immunity to energy spikes and surges. In addition backup generators on site guarantee an alternate power source with the capability of running our system for hours while the main system is restored.

"In a downed economy, my sales of semi-trucks and trailers suffered greatly. Schott Cultural Consulting showed me the steps... to better showcase my products globally (using the Keys to Client Communication System™ Social Media Marketing Program). My sales numbers are at a ten year high!"
Randy Holton, Commercial Credit Services

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