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Certified Constant Contact consultant

Your team at Schott Cultural Consulting includes a Constant Contact Master Certified Solution Provider. Your Michigan based team understand how important it is once you have engaged your clients to re engage with them. This re-engagement works both to remind the customer just how important they are to you as well as cements their positive experiences with you in their memory.

Your team will work with you to establish a sales strategy that through direct end-to-end email marketing allows you to effectively follow up with your clients in a way that builds your business and your brand. Whether this sales strategy is focused around periodic one-of emails reminding your clients how important they are, or surveys soliciting valuable feedback your team can work with you to craft these campaigns to best meet your needs.

Do you need an interactive quiz designed to collect email addresses? Well we can do that too. Beyond just working with you on crafting your overall email marketing campaign strategy, your team will assist you in creating an attractive look and feel for your email marketing campaigns. It is a busy world and some clients may only have time to scan the subject line, while other clients will take the time to read through your master crafted email. Whether a client only scans the email in a preview screen, or reads through to see what specials you are offering your team will create an attractive look and feel for your campaigns. This look and feel will be crafted to appeal to your clients, and designed to quickly and memorably relay the vital information. Even a simple scan of a subject line reminds the customer of your business, your services, and the positive experiences they have had with you.

Your branding is vital, and your team will work with you to establish that brand consistently across all areas of your web presence. By creating a consistent brand across your website, email campaigns, and social media posts your team will ensure customers never become confused about the products or services you offer. We can help you build a memorable brand that your customers can trust and rely upon.

In addition to creating an attractive email marketing campaign and weaving your brand through all areas of the public face you offer your customers, your team offers ongoing multilingual Content Writing Services. We will work with you to write content for almost any purpose in English, Spanish, or Chinese. From a press release, to an email advertisement, to being the voice of your company across social media your team at Schott Cultural Consulting is here for you.


"In a downed economy, my sales of semi-trucks and trailers suffered greatly. Schott Cultural Consulting showed me the steps... to better showcase my products globally (using the Keys to Client Communication System™ Social Media Marketing Program). My sales numbers are at a ten year high!"
Randy Holton, Commercial Credit Services

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Schott Cultural Consulting helps you attract your ideal clients, convert them into leads, and guide them into becoming a loyal client using growth driven design and inbound marketing. We are also a Michigan multicultural website design and internet marketing company located in Troy, Michigan with both local, national and international clients. Let our multilingual content writers, digital marketing strategy developers and designers future proof your online marketing by building a mobile compatible website solution. We also integrate Social Media Marketing (SMM), Facebook Ads, PPC (Pay Per Click), SCM (Search Content Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Magento Enterprise eCommerce and Google Adword strategies to help your business succeed online. 


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